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Camping in India

CampingThe best way to unwind yourself is in the lap of Mother Nature. And camping is the most preferred way to find a hide out to get from the routine urban life. All the vacationers may relish soothing effects of green environs, pleasant countryside climate and peaceful atmosphere in camping. Tourism department has specified numerous provisions regarding proper accommodation facilities to be given to vacationers while visiting the camping sites in India. Along with offering a place to stay, India camp sites are very well equipped with catering and myriad other activities including rafting, hiking, fishing and nature tours. Don't wait, just pack your bags and move to natural wilderness to experience your India camping adventure.
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Types of Camping in India

Camping in India gives you a number of options to enjoy your camping holidays in India. Whether you are alone or with your family, you have a number of types of camping in India to choose from. The most liked options of camping are as follows.

Family Camping in India
Some sweet memories of family camping may include an aroma of coffee in the air with frying pancakes, the view of twinkling stars in moon twilight and the flicker of campfires, chuckling sound of your children having fun while indulging in all those restricted activities. It facilitates to fabricate a closer relationship between parents and kids. Even sharing experiences from all exciting trips undertaken in the past helps to communicate with your children with more understanding and affection throughout your life. Family camping also assists in spending the quality time with your loved ones.

Weekend Camping in India
It proves to be a good option for those who just want to break free from their usual work schedule of daily life. It lets you a chance to relax and recharge to worn out batteries by indulging in your favourite past time activities including angling, fishing, nature walks and safari. Some of the varied alternatives to take up during weekend camping include fishing camps, staying at forest houses and jungle lodges or a trip of hiking with your buddies to a place of your choice. If you have already pre-planned your camping trip or taken up a weekend holiday package then head for this hassles free activity of that particular place.

Wildlife Camping in India
These have become the ultimate focus of wildlife conservation round the globe. Wildlife authorities of forests preservation societies started of a new kind of awareness programme since the days when natural wilderness and wildlife of the the world came under threat. It can educate the people about nature and its preservation. Wild camps came into vogue through this very way. Wildlife camping, in fact, is not very different from normal camping. It's that except wild camping doesn't get restricted to season or any adventure activity. Working as a recreational program, it hasn't any specific age limit. Anybody who likes to explore nature and wants to add some factual knowledge about mother nature has given us what we can give in return, can check out wild camps.
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Winter CampingWinter Camping in India
It's not anyhow any extreme adventure where lives are at stake. Winter Camping is full of wonderment and prudence providing adventure- enthusiast a brimming gratification. You also can plan little more cautiously since the temperatures are lower and the weather is unpredictable these days. Never underrate the whimsicality of the winter weather. You just anticipate the worst to eliminate the possibility of any repellent stupefaction.

Famous Camping Sites in India

Whether you are passionate about family camping, wildlife camping or winter camping in India, India offers you a number of famous camping sites. These camping destinations are located mostly in northern and southern India. Some famous camping sites in India are listed below. For more information on camping holidays in India, you can get in touch with our travel advisers along with your travel details.
» Rishikesh, Jim Corbett National Park, Kaudiyala (Uttaranchal)
» Pushkar (Rajasthan)
» Cauvery Fishing Camp (Karnataka)
» Kabini River Lodge Camps (Karnataka)
» Kali Wilderness Camp (Karnataka)
» B.R. Hills Wildlife Adventure Resort (Karnataka)
» Periyar National Park (Kerela)

Equipments for Camping Holidays in India

Camping holidays in India are fun and game. Some extra planning would make it even more meaningful and enjoyable. Basic camping equipments include sleeping bags, camp stoves, lanterns, air mattress, hanging chairs and stands, hiking boots, knife, walking sticks, first aid kit, backpacks, compass, outdoor clothing, tents, hammocks etc.

Tips for Camping Holidays in India

With a little more planning and preparation, you can say goodbye to hassles and hazards during camping. Given below are some important camping tips to avoid difficulties. You can also consult the travel agent and have information about the area you are visiting beforehand.
» If you are planning family camping with kids, you need an increased sense of awareness of your surroundings.
» If you are planning to build a campfire, always have a bucket of water, a shovel and a fire extinguisher around.
» You should be aware of the special concerns for the area you are visiting and be also prepared for extreme weather hazards.
» In case of winter camping, you need to do more planning than usual.
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Taj Mahal
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