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White Water Rafting, Ganges

Water Rafting - GangaAll of you who want to get some kick or fun or change in your life, white water rafting along the Ganges will satisfy all of your desires. While you cling for dear life dependent on a fragile, inflatable rubber raft or dinghy, feel the thrill of rushing down fast-flowing mountain streams a froth with huge waves and dashing against dangerous boulders and dizzy rapids. Vacationers enjoy battling with raging rapids and torrents while the rivers flowing through picturesque mountains. Icy water froths over boulders and cuts its way through deep gorges. You also may sit back and enjoy floating on the river. White-water rafting or river rafting has emerged as a favourite adventure sport in India. A number of rivers, mostly originating in the Himalayas, provide perfect white water rafting locations.

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Levels of Difficulty

White water rafting on Ganges invites all abilities. Rivers are graded on an international scale of 1 to 6. The scale depends upon the state of the water and the skill required to navigate the rivers. Level 1 is for beginners in river rafting while level 6 is for hard-core adventure.

Physical Requirements

All of the people who are suffering from diabetes, a weak heart, epilepsy or any other serious ailments or expecting mothers are advised not to go on the rapids. Minimum age limit for white-water rafting is 14 years but it is relaxed to 10 years on float trips. Sometimes, on the advice of river guide, non-swimmers may be restricted to certain sections of the river.


Main equipment used while white-water rafting is a raft made of strong and light materials. Generally rafts have inflatable compartments which are vulcanized rubber bodies reinforced by nylon fabric and neoprene. It enables the raft to go over sharp rocks without tearing. Raft is often made available by the clubs and organizers through which you participate in the program. Helmets and life jackets are included in other kits. Tourists are also advised to carry with them sneakers, a sleeping bag, light synthetic quick drying clothes for the river, shorts and T-shirts, swimsuit, sun shades/glasses, suntan lotion, two pairs of shoes and a torch.

Best Time

Although there is no fixed time to indulge in the adventure of white water rafting, preferably you have a stretch of around 8 months starting from May to November to participate in your favorite pastime.

Major River Rafting Sites in India

River Rafting In Uttranchal
River rafting in Uttaranchal means a hell lot of fun. Both professionals as well as amateurs can satisfy their adventure thirst rafting on the Ganges here. Rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi, chief tributaries of River Ganges, happen to join at Devprayag. The waters of the Ganges here are of Grade IV and Grade V. Moving down from Devprayag, the Ganges transform into a pool drop river. Around 70 km in length, this stretch is best suited for novices as the water of the Ganges here is of Grade II and Grade III. River rafting on Garhwal Ganges is pure fun for adventurers.

River Rafting In Himachal Pradesh
Rivers like Chenab, Satluj, Ravi and Beas in the state of Himachal Pradesh also offer abundant opportunities for river rafting in India. River Chenab in Lahual, Satluj close to Shimla, Ravi near Chamba and river Beas near Kullu invite a number of rafters from across the world. The 20 km long stretch between Shamsi and Aut along Beas river is excellent for river rafting. Beginners can start from river Spiti which offers gentler rapids to begin with.

River Rafting In Sikkim
Sikkim is also much popular with tourists when it comes to river rafting in India. Particularly, rivers like Teesta and Rangit are excellent river rafting sites in Sikkim. River Teesta offer Grade IV rapids, as declared on the international scale. For professional and tough river rafting you have the Rangit (a tributary of river Teesta) river with vigorous rapids.

River Rafting In Jammu and Kashmir
Rafting expeditions along the river Indus are much popular in Jammu & Kashmir, especially between June and August. You can choose to raft along two routes - the stretch between Spitok to Indus-Zanskar junction and from Nimmu to Alchi. The route from Alchi to Khalsi is meant for professional rafters. River rafting in Jammu and Kashmir means soaking up adventure with some of the most brilliant landscapes along the route.

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Taj Mahal
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