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One travel management company for all your needs!
We came into existence 13 years back. The company 'India Guided Tour' was established with a view to providing personalized tours of India, with security being the constant concern. Being a travel management expert, we also tried to identify the individual tastes of travellers from across the globe. This helped us in keeping one customer at a time extremely happy. Today, we are known worldwide for our prompt service and superior quality control. We try to guide travellers through the most visited as well as some of the remotest and hidden away destinations across India.

Our Travel Packages
We know very well that the travellers of today are money rich and time poor. That's why we take a package not as a journey but as an experience. An experience that teaches through real life images, that makes you aware of an incredible word beyond your own, that brings a laugh to your belly and at times a tear to your eye as well. Our travel experts are keen travellers themselves and therefore excel in tailormaking just a trip for you. To help you through the process, we have a number of pre-defined packages that can be customised as per your essentials and requisites. No matter whether you are a wildlife lover, a history buff, a spiritual person or an adventure freak, India Guided Tours is ready to provide you with an itinerary that can be termed made-for-you-only.

Fun & Freedom
We design travel packages but the fun-and-freedom part comes in instinctively. As you move from city to city and town to town, you'll come to face a gamut of experiences from the most hilarious to the very bizarre. However, the India Guided Tours escort will always be there in times of slightest needs. India Guided Tour also gives you an opportunity to modify a package according to your schedules and comforts. You can also request us for tour supplements, if any.

Special Entertainment
To add much to your joy of travelling in India, we provide you with special entertainment options. Folk performances by local artists, mock weddings, theme dinners and other cultural events prove to be very interesting for travellers, as they offer an insightful view of the place you are visiting.

Group Travel Benefits
India Guided Tours offers a good opportunity if you are planning to travel in a group. If you are 10 people or more and are departing from one originating city or choose to book 10 or more air tickets and rooms at one hotel, you can have the following benefits.
Other Services
As we want to be your perfect planner-and-guide, we have extended our services to the smallest of your travel needs. Whether it's air ticketing, car/coach rentals, accommodation booking or important travel documentation work, India Guided Tour is always there to get it done for you. Expert multilingual guides, escorts and naturalists are also available with us..

Our Infrastructure
The industry keeps on changing and therefore we incorporate trading analysis, business intelligence and supervision so as to keep pace with the industry needs and perform better. Our hitech offices are strategically located and are easily accessible. We have also made a vast online presence and visitors can get in touch with our travel advisers anytime they want. We also boast an across-the-board network in the country which help us serve you better and give you maximum personal attention. We strongly believe that development should be like the show that must go on.

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Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal
A Traveller's Favourites in India

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