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Temple of TripuraAlthough Tripura in North East India is a small state but it has lots of attractions to attract visitors. Tripura has magnificent palaces, splendid rock-cut carvings, stone images, temples of Hindus and Buddhists, artificial lakes, hill station, wildlife sanctuaries and rich cultural heritage. Tripura is the second smallest state of India. Agartala is the capital of Tripura. Tripura shares its international boundaries with Bangladesh so it is very convenient for foreign tourist to enter but through appropriate visa. Adding a touch of refines, the state of Tripura is largely covered by network of rivers, the chief of all rivers being Gomati. Tripura is densely populated by obtuse jungles and lush low land terrains that is why this place offers pollution free, eco friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Folk Dances of Tripura speak its rich cultural heritage. Tripura is home to 19 local tribes. In other words, Tripura is really a rare combination of natural beauty and man-made wonders.
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Major Tourist Attractions in Tripura

Ujjayanta Palace
This palace situated in Agartala is the pride and a showcase of royal architecture. This palace houses beautiful gardens, lakes and fountains with flood lightings. This palace was built in 1901. The architecture of the palace is the mixture of several styles. It is a two storied mansion with crafted doors.

This is one more royal palace of Tripura and situated at a short distance from Ujjayanta Palace. Perched upon a scenic hilltop, the royal palace was contrived and executed to perfection by Manikya rulers in 1923. Once in 1926 the palace was the residence for the Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore. This palace is the official residence of the Governor of Tripura at present.

Agartala is the capital of Tripura. This city offers several major tourist attractions of the state. The major ones are the Ujjayanta Palace, State Museum, Tribal Museum, Sukanta Academy, Laxminarayan Temple, Uma Maheswar Temple, Jagannath Temple, Benuban Bihar, Gedu Mian Mosque, Malanch Niwas, Rabindra Kanan, Purbasha, Handicrafts Designing Centre, Fourteen Goddess Temple and Portuguese Church.

Unakoti is really is very interesting place to visit as there is less than one crore stone images and carvings are situated. The word Unakoti means one less than a crore. According to Hindu mythology, Unakoti is the place where Lord Shiva cursed several gods and goddesses for not obeying his command and turned all in the form of stones.

Neermahal Palace
Neermahal Palace is one of its kinds. This palace is only one palace in the eastern India to be erected amidst the middle of lake. This palace acquires an area of 5.35 Sq. km in the natural lake of Rudrasagar. Neermahal Palace is the mixture of Hindu and Mughal architecture and divided into two parts. There is a beautiful garden laid in the western side which was used to organise drama, theater, etc.
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Neermahal Palace Tripura Government Museum
This museum of Tripura state has its immense historical importance. The museum has a varied collection of coins, paintings, sketches, terracotta, Bronze images and sculptures. Museum also has unique Buddha and other antique images. Museum is closed on Sunday and visiting hours are 10 am. To 1 pm.

Dumboor Lake
This is a beautiful lake situated in Tripura and a famous tourist attraction of this region. The Lake offers water sports and a pleasant sight of migratory birds during winters. Dumboor Lake is located at the confluence of rivers Raima and Sarma. This lake also hosts 'Pous Sankranti Mela' every year.

Bhuvaneshari Temple
Bhuvaneshari Temple is situated near to the ruins Maharaja Govinda Manikya Palace. Bhuvaneshari Temple is one of the oldest and most famous temples of Tripura. This temple was mostly described in many novels and dramas of the Great poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Adventure Holidays in Tripura

Tripura is situated in the lap of nature and mostly area of Tripura is covered with hills, rocks and forest which provide several adventure activities to travelers. Climbing, trekking, rafting, caving and paragliding are the most famous adventure activities of this state. Tripura offers mountains for trekking and paragliding, valleys for natural walks, and about ten rivers for water sports. Forests of Tripura also provide several wildlife activities to indulge in like camping, wildlife safaris and night safaris etc. So this place is really a paradise for those who want several adventure activities in a limited area.

Major Cities in Tripura

Cities of Tripura are very beautiful as these cities are covered with the natural beauty. Hills and forest differs these cities from others. Cities of Tripura are known for their culture and life style. Approximately every city of Tripura has its own importance. The main and striking part of these cities is that these all are rich in cultural diversity and has number of tourist attractions which attract many tourists every year. Some of the famous cities of Tripura are Agartala, Bhadarghat, Jogendrangar, Dharamnagar, Jorethang, Udaipur and Teliamura.

Hotels in Tripura

Hotels of Tripura serve its guests with all types of facilities for a relaxing holiday. One can find every type and range hotel in Tripura according to his taste and choice. Mainly major hotels of Tripura are situated in Agartala. The state Government runs a number of hotels in Tripura. Although these hotels are cheap in rates but they never compromise with quality. Some of the best hotels of Tripura are:
» Welcome Palace, Hotel
» Rajdhani Hotel
» Ginger Hotel
» Sagar Mahal Tourist Lodge
» Badshah Hotel and Resorts
» Uttarmegh Tourist Lodge
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Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal
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