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Top 10 Travel Tips

1. Keep regular contact with your traveling professsionals and ask them about the latest travel advice for your destinations. Subscribe to receive free travel alerts on regular basis.

2. Check your travel insurance which should cover medi claim, accident, theft of the possessions, loss etc. Enrich yourself with all the necessary informations regarding your travel.

3. During travel you should keep in touch with your family members or friends. He or she should know all about your whereabouts, contact number and necessary informations.

4. Carry your won medicines. Before coming to India get yourself checked by your doctor and take recommended vaccinations or other precautions.

5. Exchange money only in authorized banks or money changers. During money exchanging, insist on getting encashment certificate.

6. Shop from the Government emporium and the shops, only those are listed on the list of the Department of Tourism. You can get the required information about these shops from the State tourism department.

7. Don't eat ready-to-eat foods from roadside stalls and drink only mineral water.

8. Before using your electronic instruments check the power voltage. Indian voltage standard is 220-240 V.

9. Don't indulge in illegal trading of wildlife and animal products. If you are purchasing an animal product insist on getting a legal certificate from the trader. Avoid illegitimate activities.

10. Make sure that you are caring supplementary copies of your passport details, insurance policy, travellers' cheques, visas and credit card numbers. Your passport should have atleast six month validity and your ambassy should know about your travel path..

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal
A Traveller's Favourites in India

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